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Smart phones and tablets have changed the way we consume information. Now, more than ever, it is essential to target, engage and influence the heads-down consumer directly on their mobile device.

What We Do

  1. We connect businesses and brands with consumers
  2. We drive foot traffic into your store or to your product
  3. We build customer loyalty and sales
  4. We deliver measurable results

The DDIfference

Real-Time Verified Walk-In

1:1 ad view to store walk-in attribution and reporting, enabling brands to measure and optimize campaigns in real-time, ultimately improving campaign performance and maximizing ROI

Historical Data

Our tech partner has had every small to large business in the U.S. geofenced for the last two years, which means we have two years worth of historical data to utilize for our clients’ campaigns

Device-level Attribution

Attribution is location-specific based on pinpoint lat/long and performed at the device level using a 1:1 device match – not panel based, indexed or compared against an outside data set

DDI Owns Its Entire Ad Tech Stack

DMP, DSP with integrated bidder, real-time attribution engine, optimization layer, fraud detection layer – all in house

Superior Performance

Our algorithms and bidders lead to a 50% increase in campaign performance over competitors

Real-time Reporting

Custom attribution windows and real-time custom reports on daily lift in foot traffic segmented by demographic, strategy, audience or any targetable parameter


98% of US mobile consumers featuring the most popular mobile apps, games and sites